What is Kick MS

The creative opportunity to fundraise any way you want!

This do-it-yourself (DIY) fundraiser is a new fundraising channel that gives you the flexibility to create an event or fundraiser that’s personal to you!

KickMS plays a crucial role in helping raise awareness and funds for Can Do MS. When it comes to fundraising for Can Do MS, the only limit is your imagination. Fundraise online with Facebook, engage your school and work, or dedicate your birthday.

Hosting your own fundraiser lets you tap into your talents and interest to inspire others to get involved. With the funds, you raise, Can Do MS puts every dollar immediately to use by providing health and wellness education programs to help families living with MS thrive!

For every $500 you raise, you change 5 lives.

For every $1,000 you raise, you change 10 lives.

For every $2,500 you raise, you change 25 lives.

Get creative, have fun, and support the MS community any way you want! Together we will KickMS!