What is SKI for MS?

SKI for MS is the ski and snowboard event of the season. With swag, prizes, and a bomber apr?s, SKI for MS brings together participants of all ages, abilities, and skill levels for an epic day of shredding. The best part? This fundraising event ultimately transforms the lives of families living with MS.

What is the Vertical Challenge?

It’s just like it sounds! At SKI for MS events, you’ll have five hours to carve out as many vertical feet as you can and win gnarly prizes. The Vertical Challenge will be tracked via an app or lift pass. Can't make an in-person SKI for MS? Join the virtual Vertical Challenge.

Do I have to participate in the Vertical Challenge?

Not if you don’t want to! You can also just come to ski/ride and apr?s for a great cause! Sign up today.

What if I can’t make it to a SKI for MS event?

No worries… you can still shred MS! Sign up for our virtual SKI for MS event as an individual or a team. Choose any mountain, hill, or bump near you, choose a day, and carve out as many vertical feet as you can.

You’ll have all the same fundraising tools available to you and be eligible for the same awesome incentive prizes! 100% of every dollar you raise will go straight to work helping families living with MS thrive!

Is there a minimum age requirement for the Vertical Challenge?

No! We encourage people of all ages and abilities to participate.

Is there a fee to participate?

SKI for MS at Vail and Palisades Tahoe: A $75 donation gets you access to the Vertical Challenge, on-mountain activities, and entry to our bomber apr├Ęs with free beer and bites! Your donation will also count towards your fundraising goal and incentives.

SKI for MS DIY: There is no cost to create your own DIY event. You’ll have all the same fundraising tools available to you and be eligible for the same awesome incentive prizes!

Is a portion of the registration fee a donation?

Yes! Your registration fee is a donation, and it will apply to your fundraising goal.

Are there ways to win prizes?

Yes! Every dollar you fundraise makes an impact AND gets you that much closer to winning prizes. Check back soon for prize updates!

When will I receive my fundraising prizes?

Prizes will be mailed or emailed out on a monthly basis.

How do I fundraise?

We’ve made it super easy for you! Check out the SKI for MS toolkit for sample emails and social media posts that are ready for you to share!

Where does the money raised go?

100% of proceeds benefit Can Do MS, a nonprofit organization that delivers health and wellness education programs at no cost to help families living with MS thrive!

What about covid-19?

We are committed to keeping our participants and staff as safe as possible while still providing a gnarly ski day and après party!

SKI for MS safety protocols will comply with local, state, and federal COVID-19 guidelines at the event. Please stay home if you are sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, have tested positive for COVID-19, are waiting for COVID -19 test results, or have had close contact with a person who has tested positive or who has symptoms.

Visit Vail Mountain or Palisades Tahoe to learn more about COVID-19 mountain guidelines.

Are there sponsorship opportunities?

Yes! Contact Amanda Gietka at agietka@CanDo-MS.org or call 410-627-8717.

Have other questions? We can help!

Contact Kate Togneri at KTogneri@CanDo-MS.org or call 510-387-6582.